Lifecycle of Ladybug

Lifecycle of Ladybug

The life cycle of ladybug is almost similar to the butterfly life cycle. The ladybug life cycle have the same four stages like a butterfly. The stages in the ladybug lifecycle are the egg stage, the larva stage, the pupa stage, and the adult ladybug stage.

Egg Stage

In this first stage, the Female ladybugs lay their eggs underneath the leaves to protect the eggs from the flying predators and the climate. The mother ladybug before laying the eggs will check whether it is the right place for her babies to get their food when they hatch. The mother ladybug lays about 10 to 15 eggs in one leaf. The eggs will look yellow in color and we might have seen those eggs during spring time. That's all about the Egg stage.

Larva Stage

When the eggs hatch, the larva will come out of it. When the larva comes out it will look for something to eat. It will search for tiny mites to eat. The larva need few days to grow larger and then later it shed its skin. This process of shedding skin is called as molting. This molting process takes place as they keep growing. That's all about the Larva stage.

Pupa Stage

In this stage, the larva will go through the metamorphosis to turn into a ladybug. In a few weeks, the larva will change into a very small thing which looks like shrimp and it will attach to a leaf and it will fall asleep for another few days.This stage is named as pupa stage. Here the pupa will go through the metamorphosis process. That's all about the pupa stage.

Adult Ladybug Stage

At the end of the completion of the metamorposis, the larva skin will split and then open and the completely grown ladybug will come out but it won’t look like the ladybug that we all know. In this stage, the ladybug will be very soft and also pink in color for a couple of hours till it shell hardens.Once the shell gets hardened, it will start gaining its pigment and the ladybug will turn into bright red color. There are different species of ladybugs available with slight different in patterns and colors.The well known ladybugs are the bright red one with black spots. This color helps them to threaten their enemies and pretend as harmful. That's all about the lifecycle of ladybug.

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